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New York Islanders

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I’ve been thinking about this thing for a while.

How can you take a brand with a legacy of a lifetime to the stage where it remains modern yet iconic. Let’s be honest – NY Islanders logo is terrible. There have been few attempts on the Islanders re-branding, with the mid-1990’s being the most courageous, but still falling way short. But how can a brand successfully cycle back, learn from, and capitalize on their long lasting identity in a fresh way, while keeping Long Island fans satisfied? For last few years the Islanders have been bouncing back & forth from Nassau Coliseum to Barclays Center, but now they are close to moving into a new home – Belmont Arena , which is a great opportunity to start a new era and take advantage of City of New York as a design foundation.

Logo exploration process –

Enhancing the fan favorite Long Island shape and iconic black & white theme from NYC wayfinding


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