Pētnieki –
Montesori School

Logo, Brand Identity, Web

The identity design of Pētnieki is a harmonious blend of nature and freedom within limits.

My aim was to create a visual language that not only represents the school’s philosophy but also resonates with its diverse community of passionate educators, curious students, and engaged parents.


  Pētnieki (Explorers) symbol is a “P” monogram that derives from universal search icon –
carrying explorer meaning and tree plant – symbolizing the earthly and close-to-nature Montessori philosophy.


“Petnieki” primary color is deep green that represents Nature as a part of montessori method – nature enriches the life of each child by supporting physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
By increasing a child’s interactions with the natural world, Montessori guides and Montessori parents are promoting the child’s development as a young naturalist.

Secondary color represents harmonious environment that “Petnieki” provides. Harmony follows the Montessori’s education method which calls for free activity within a “prepared environment”, meaning an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics and to the specific characteristics of children at different ages.



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